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Aerospace industry involves the use of materials with tremendous strength, heat resistance and need for delivering extraordinary performance. Materials like Titanium alloys, Inconel and various types of Aluminum alloys (Eg. 6061 Aluminum) find there way regularly in this industry. Precihole has developed its Gun drilling as well as BTA Deep hole drilling machines to handle such exotic high temperature resistant materials. Support for drilling very long lengths and a high L/D ratio is achievable as per requirement.
Aerospace components like Brake Manifolds, Landing gears, Fuel Injectors, Manuvering Cylinder and other engine components are all processed on Precihole make Deep Hole drilling solutions. Special operations like Boring, Bottle Boring (Internal Profiling) and other metal cutting operations are also provided by Precihole as per customers requirements
BVN Series
BTA Drilling Machine
  GVN Series
Single Axis Gun Drilling Machine
  XYGVN Series
Three Axis Gun Drilling Machine
For Large Diameter Drilling   For On center Drilling in Small diameters   For Off center Drilling

Deep Hole Drilling Services