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Automotive industry is known for its high volume production where precision is of utmost importance. Machines have to run reliably 24/7 on 3 shift basis and avoid unnecessary downtimes. Precihole offers state-of-art Gun drilling and BTA Deep hole drilling machines which reliably run 24/7 in high production scenarios. These machines are known for their precision as well as robustness in the automotive industry.
Multi-spindle as well as Multi-way options in our machines boost productivity making these machines ideally suited. Various levels of Automation can be introduced to further reduce the cycle time. Quick change setup allows easy and operator friendly changeovers. The machines can be incorporated in existing production lines as per your custom requirements.

Precihole has provided deep hole drilling solutions for many automotive components like Rackbars, Pinion Shafts, Cylinder Head,Engine Blocks, Valve Guides, Transmission Shafts, Connecting Rod, Input Shaft, Output Shaft, Gear Shaft, Camshaft, Crankshaft, Rocker Arm Shaft, Crank Case, Shock Absorbers, Piston Pin, Pump Barrel, Common Rail, Nozzle, Nozzle Body etc. Precihole Machines can be tooled up for a specific component or multiple components, with central or off-center hole.
BTA Drilling Machine
  GVN Series
Single Axis Gun Drilling Machine
  XYGVN Series
Three Axis Gun Drilling Machine
  Customised Gun Drilling Machine
Multi-Way, Multi Axis For Large Diameter Drilling   For On center Drilling in Small diameters   For Off center Drilling   Multi-Way, Multi Axis Machines

Deep Hole Drilling Services