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Gun drilling process as well as basic setup in a gun drilling machine
As the name suggests the process was initially developed for drilling into Gun Barrels. The process was exclusive to the Defence industry. Over the years the technology has found its application in a wide range of industries like Automotive, Aerospace, Medical Implants, Oil & Gas, Die&Mold etc. Industries install dedicated gun drilling machines which help to achieve high productivity and ensure process reliability.
Generally speaking twist drilling can give you an effective hole up to an L/D ratio of 5:1. To go beyond that you would have to use drills with coolant through hole and apply a peck drilling cycle. Even so you will be effectively achieving holes for L/D ratio up to 10:1. To go above that conventional drilling faces a challenge with respect to the Tool life, surface finish and hole straightness.
Gun drilling process is used to produce deep and straight holes. This process is very specialised as compared to the conventional twist drilling process. The standard gun drill tool geometry has a single effective cutting edge. Unlike the twist drill the gun drill cuts through the metal eccentrically and once inside the component the tool self-pilots itself. The hole is further burnished due to the guide pads which finally results in a precise round hole with maintained straightness.

The Coolant enters the tool through the coolant through hole and the chips are gushed out through the V shaped profile on the gun drill. Gun Drilling is effective from ф1 to ф30, but if you wish to go higher BTA drilling becomes more effective than gun drilling.
Precihole Machines with Gun drilling Capabilities
These machines are ideal for high volume production.
Machines can be tooled up with fixtures specific to your component.
Very compact footprint
Precihole,s column type XYGVN Series Gun drilling machines are designed for large components that require multiple holes to be drilled on face. These machines come in various sizes depending on the needs of the component.
BTA drilling finds its application in Industries like Oil & Gas, Defence, Steel, Aircraft, Aerospace, Hydraulic Cylinders, and Power etc. For larger diameter deep hole drilling, BTA drilling is the only available option which provides high productivity and precision.

Another system which evolved from BTA single tube system is the Ejector drilling system. It is a system with twin tubes where the coolant is pumped through the space between the inner and outer tube. This eliminates the use of Pressure head and simplifies the system. This was introduced mainly to tool up conventional machines to do Deep hole Drilling.
Precihole Machines with BTA (STS) / Ejector Drilling Capabilities
Robust Machines with Drilling Capacity up to ф 250 and 12 m deep.
Machines can be tooled up with fixtures specific to your component.
Premium Fully Guarded machine also available