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The Energy sector is one of the most technological advanced industry.Recent developments in renewable energy sector has seen increase in Wind Mill farms in many countries. Wind Mill Shafts, Turbine shafts and Generator Shafts are some of the many components where Precihole solutions fit perfectly.

Tube Sheet Drilling is another area where Precihole has been able to provide its customers with precise and quick results. Precihole Machines are well equipped to deliver finished components in minimal process times.

With the help of its engineering expertise and vast experience not just in deep hole drilling but the machine tool industry, Precihole has been provided complete solutions to the Indian Nuclear Industry. Critical components like fuel shafts, coolant entry tubes, end fittings, nozzles etc. are also manufactured on Precihole Machines.
BVN Series
BTA Drilling Machine
  GVN Series
Single Axis Gun Drilling Machine
BTA Drilling Machine
For Large Diameter Drilling   For On center Drilling in Small diameters   Multi-Way, Multi Axis For Large Diameter Drilling

Deep Hole Drilling Services