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Deep Hole drilling, though originally a niche technology has now made its mark in almost all major industries. With the increase in complexity of the components, conventional drilling is failing to deliver the required surface finish as well as straightness required for higher L/D ratios. Industries like Telecommunications, Instrumentation, Printing, Steel, Captive power generation, Semiconductor and General Engineering have found application for this technology.

Precihole provides deep hole driling solutions for manufacturing various components like optic fiber sea casings, industrial sensors, thermowells, shower heads,  seamless tube steel billets, calendar rolls, balance rolls, signal amplifiers for satellites, heat sinks, chambers etc. Precihole has been able to satisfy its customers with its service and quality of product since its inception.



BVN Series
BTA Drilling Machine
  GVN Series
Single Axis Gun Drilling Machine
  XYGVN Series
Three Axis Gun Drilling Machine
For Large Diameter Drilling   For On center Drilling in Small diameters   For Off center Drilling
BTA Drilling Machine
  Customised Gun Drilling Machine   Special Purpose Machines
Multi-Way, Multi Axis For Large Diameter Drilling   Multi-Way, Multi Axis Machines   Custom Built Machines with a wide range of Operations
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