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Oil and Gas Exploration

Oil and Gas industry requires deep hole drilling in components like Drill collars, Hang off collars,Packers, Connectors, various types of tubes and other exploration tools & instruments. Precihole provides world-class deep hole drilling machines and precision component manufacturing services for many big names in the Oil and Gas industry.
Precihole provides a gamut of machines for Gun Drilling, BTA Drilling and Skiving and Roller burnishing processes commonly used in this industry. Precihole machines are specially designed keeping the needs of Oil and Gas industry in mind. Precihole machines drill at lengths upto 15 meters into exotic and hard to machine materials like Inconel and Titanium alloys.


BVN Series
BTA Drilling Machine
  GVN Series
Single Axis Gun Drilling Machine
  XYGVN Series
Three Axis Gun Drilling Machine
For Large Diameter Drilling   For On center Drilling in Small diameters   For Off center Drilling

Component Manufacturing Services