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Complete precision component manufacturing solution – Deep hole drilling + other machining operations   High surface finish, tight tolerance maintained - Deep hole drilling and skiving burnishing.   Gun drilling, BTA Drilling and SPM machines designed in Latest 3D CAD

Precihole Machine Tools has been in business for the past 3 decades.Precihole is an industry leader in providing reliable and cost effective deep hole drilling solutions. The company also flaunts India’s largest and most versatile job shop for deep hole drilling services.Precihole has not only specialized but also perfected the art of making reliable deep hole drilling machine in its 25 years of existence. We have several hundred machines successfully in production at several large and medium sized businesses around the world.

Precihole offers the latest in cutting technology at affordable costs. The machines are well designed with the customer needs in mind. The machine tool range offered by Precihole covers most materials and hole sizes needed in the industry. We continually strive to update our technology by innovating new designs and offering our customers a good bang for their buck in terms of cost, quality and delivery!